Партнерская программа zaful.com - "Где Слон?"
Zaful - один из лидеров среди китайских онлайн магазинов одежды

Общие правила

Выплаты веб-мастерам:
3,5% - за оплаченный заказ
7% - за оплаченный заказ от новых покупателей

Правила партнерской программы:
If you are enrolled in Zaful Program and participate in PPC advertising, you must adhere to our PPC guidelines as follows:

You may not:

  1. bid on any of our trademarked terms, including any variations or misspellings thereof or our trademarks with categories or countries or languages for search or content based campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other network. These trademark terms include zaful, zaful.com, www zaful com, m zaful, m.zaful.com, , www zaful, zayful, zafuk, zafully, zafuls, zafull, zahful , zatful, zafule, zaaful, zaful reviews, zaful promotion, zaful discount, zaful bargain, zaful location, zaful com shipping, zaful review, zaful clothing reviews, zaful store, zaful cash back, zaful cashback, zaful log in, zaful login, zaful uk, zaful canada, zaful fashion, zaful españa, zaful avis, zaful france, zaful australia, zaful ropa, zaful italia, zaful shop, zaful shopping, zaful en español, zaful co uk, zaful con, zaful clothing, zaful dresses, zaful swimwear, zaful bathing suits, zaful clothes, zaful bikinis and zaful + any other categories(or countries, or languages), etc.

  2. bid on prohibited keywords in any countries in the world.

  3. Use of any of our trademarked terms or misspellings as part of the domain for your website. (e.g. www.zaful-coupons.com).

Please kindly find our prohibited keyword list here(update from time to time):

You may:

  1. bid on trademark terms in sequence with any of the following keywords is permissible: “zaful coupon(s)”, “zaful code (s)”, “zaful promo code (s)”, “zaful promotion code (s)”, “zaful coupon code (s)”, “zaful voucher code”, “zaful voucher”. However the landing page must be a specific coupon page, home page and any other pages are not permitted to direct link to.

The keywords permissible must

(1) use phrase matching or broad match modifiers, for example "zaful coupon" or +zaful+coupon

(2) create a negative keyword list, including the keyword "zaful" and use the exact match, and them apply to all campaigns, every time a new campaign created you must do it again

Zaful - один из лидеров среди китайских онлайн магазинов одежды

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